You will find here some of my work and maybe some of my thoughts. All the images published in theses pages belong to me.

Curated by Jon Gasca, designer in STUA furniture label

"All questions are scientific, spiritual, moral or aesthetic. Spiritual questions have no answer. Scientific questions seek one answer. Moral questions seek one answer but by their nature must entertain some degree of ambiguity. Aesthetic questions have more than one answer and no answer is right or wrong." --from “The Pedagogy” ALL IMAGES & TEXT COPYRIGHT MARK LOVEJOY UNLESS OTHERWISE NOTED; NON COMMERCIAL USE IS PERMITTED WITH ATTRIBUTION.  CONTACT INFORMATION:  [email protected] 

A crevice space. Materials posted on this blog, including textual works, images, sound and video recordings, have been credited to the creator and/or the original source (see the caption on each post). None of the posts is mine unless stated otherwise. If you are the artist, author and/or copyright owner of anything posted on this blog and would like to have your work removed, please send me a message and I’d immediately remove it. Repository for random morsels of ocular delight, views, obsessions & expressions. Curated by Ante Matas//Croatia. Tumbling from 2013–2018. email:[email protected]

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