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Hey there! This is a blog where I attempt to art things. I prefer they/them pronouns.

Skyward Sword Link Goldmine | Post Calamity LoZ AU | OC Stuff (rarely tho)
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Legend of Zelda with a focus on Skyward Sword | she/they, 🏳️‍🌈, 19 | side blog, my main is @cherrylavendertea and wlw in LoZ is @hylimpa | I try to keep this ~controversy~ free but honestly that's subjective | let me know if you need anything tagged! | 1 am is sword spirit hour and the content of the headcanon varies from soul crushing to please STFU I'm begging you (and it leans towards the latter) | I have a complicated relationship with tags | almost exclusively a mobile user so sorry for any format issues

Legend of Zelda Screenshots, Gifs, Art, and more. theskywaker is my art blog.