Things I’m into. Anime, cats, 🍨.

Hey lads! I'm Jack (they/them), i'm a nb lesbian and i like cats and drawing pretty ladies . Black Lives Matter, ACAB. TERFs and nazis can choke . 🏳️‍🌈🦄✨

A woman who loves Doctor Who,  a cat lover, and gay af!                                   Watches WWE cause of the ladies. P.S.  Asuka is the best!! P.S.S. Wynonna Earp for the win!! 

♤ Carrd is in pinned post and has general info ♤ I'm Samuel!! he/him or they/them ♤ Transmac/nonbinary, asexual/aromantic but also i have absolutely no idea what my sexuality is ♤ 18 ♤ Libra ♤ DNI is in carrd along with other stuff about what i post n whatever ♤ i like drawing and being a twisted fucking cycle path !!!! ♤