I'm into a lot of things, and I'm an aspiring game developer, so I got that workin' for me. Might allow asks for my oc's just for kicks n giggles. You'll see them eventually

Heya! I'm Fiel, a freelance pixel artist. I love making fantastical and playful pixel illustrations and animations. I'm still in the process of learning about different art styles and themes that interest me, hopefully someday I'll find the path that leads me to an artistic world that I would like to stay in.

Coleman, M, 29. Things I find cute, peaceful, and yeah kawaii

Hi everyone! My name is Mariane Gusmão, I'm from São Paulo, Brazil. I'm a comic book flatter, colorist and illustrator. Here you'll find my comic book colorist portfolio, my pixel art and sketches. Feel free to send me an email [email protected]

ezra • they/he • i make comics & study art history • art instagram: @ezradogteeth *all posts are okay to reblog, please dont repost my art*

Just my art (and writing) only blog. Call me Mello. 20s.