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Hi everyone! My name is Mariane Gusmão, I'm from São Paulo, Brazil. I'm a comic book flatter, colorist and illustrator. Here you'll find my comic book colorist portfolio, my pixel art and sketches. Feel free to send me an email [email protected]

Salt & Sulfur is a 2D horror/sci-fi RPG that takes place across multiple dimensions! Embark on an adventure filled with mystery, laughter and terror.

🌽[18, she/her]🌽  🌽Disney, Cats(1998), Lesbians, OCs, Cars, and Ace Attorney 🌽

Rien ne se perd, rien ne se créer, tout se transforme

Геймдизайнер. Дневник разработчика/блог. Мысли и все остальное