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Unhappy? Hopefully this will put you in a better mood. Powered by r/aww Scroll, enjoy & share by logikblok.

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SMC DESIGN INC. is a 3-year old, multi-disciplinary firm of Architects and Designers represented by a cultural mix of people and ideas. We explore relationships among the Arts, Culture and Nature. We challenge traditional concepts of design: We are committed to good design and its practice in the field of Architecture and Design. SMC DESIGN INC. is a DESIGN firm with a reputation as a design oriented practice; we have completed many interesting detailed projects. We are consistent in our design approach; we do not have a repeating formula of style. Our work is always contextual: Our designs; complementary and integrative. The product is one in which all design elements and disciplines blend into a cohesive whole: It is a layered product, not an amalgamation of parts. Development is often seen as incompatible or at odds with environmental concerns. However, with up-to-date technical knowledge, a practicality tempered by realism, and an ever-expanding awareness of the environment, we offer design solutions that are sensitive, yet responsive to our Clients' needs. We see design as a means of heightening the human level of consciousness of nature and perhaps of life itself. Embracing an integrative approach to design, SMC DESIGN INC. applies this philosophy to all projects that we work on. Good design transcends the built form; we believe that designers must have a sense of obligation to the community to make a difference to the lives of people. It is a distillation of many influencing factors; each carefully balanced, not only by attention to aesthetics, but also to economic viability. We firmly believe that for a project to be successful, the Client and Consulting design team must work together to blend the skills of each of the designers coupled with the requirements of the Client to achieve a seamless integration of all the designed elements.