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This Tumblr is the beginning of something new, all my Scheduled photos to all my social media will travel through tumblr first... I first began on Pinterest and I realised the content i have been putting up was exciting the world, and begging with 5,000 followers and 100,000 monthly Views I decided with my new found coding knowledge that I would automate some tasks on All Social Media. This is the beginning of managing all social media accounts of some of the biggest companies through UPWORK, and this is where I will begin to get paid for many hours of experience on social media, with an amazing schedule and Content, and the best understanding of analytics to re-post certain things and when to re-post or post anything based on when viewers online time.

Artsy stuff with some Fandom and Geekery thrown in. Mostly the Fandom and Geekery stuff though.

Living a lie when I'm lying here

Something I may or may not do something with.

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Imaging and observing the observable universe! All things Astronomy and Astrophotography. I am an amateur astronomer armed with some magnificent equipment and a love for the stars. I'm an Electrical Engineer who interned with NASA in the summer of 2016! Now I work for a major Aerospace Corporation building cool stuff that goes into space. Here I will post my own personal captures as well as all things astronomy.

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