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Imaging and observing the observable universe! All things Astronomy and Astrophotography. I am an amateur astronomer armed with some magnificent equipment and a love for the stars. I'm an Electrical Engineer who interned with NASA in the summer of 2016! Now I work for a major Aerospace Corporation building cool stuff that goes into space. Here I will post my own personal captures as well as all things astronomy.

A gathering of sentimentality from some of my most favored things!

Visually addictive gifs • #GIFGY

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Coming to you from sunny Florida- frameable cards and beautiful prints in all sorts of sizes and designs. Whether you'd prefer bright colors and bold gradients or minimalistic and traditional black-and-white, Kate's got something for everyone!

I made this solely to store my Final Fantasy XV photos and named it after the subject of most of the photos, Mr. Chipper Sweetbaby himself, Prompto Argentum. This "blog" is 95% Final Fantasy XV, but you'll find tid-bits of other games too - mostly FFX and FFVII Remake, but I threw in a couple FFVIII, Type-0, and a tiny pinch of Tomb Raider as well. The pictures are all camera pics from FFXV and screenshots from my other PS4 games. If I don't have the game on my PS4, it's not going to be featured here. 

Labyrinth Underworld New Ancient Love Understanding Imagination Consciousness Rainbow Refuge Restaurant Dream River Life Light Peace Secret Ship Library Mountain Forest Ocean Inn Castle Temple Theater City Future World Doorways Windows Through Time Space Nexus Golden Silver Diamond Soul  Fractal Mandala Star Gateway Station

What's wrong with feeling everyone is precious? 💖Rosie/Mars 💖 She/her 💖 16 💖 Check my byf/about, please! (Sorry if the links don't work on desktop? /byf)