hi, welcome  ♡  

hi, welcome  ♡  

seas the day and wear clothes that matter

Landscapes, Cityscapes, Interiors and the occasional pets.

Main account @lazypersonSomething happened and now I’m in this account my old one[creator of Underbroken and Hopetale, Nightlight, Lighttale, Underplushie]She/her Warning- ship’s y’all may not like Art,Sketches,Line art, non finish art

From @Fusedzamae, WRA is about a family of 27 who’s history have an pattern of siblings to most to least amount.

Their children get into adventures over a pack of snacks, or a bad dream. They also have enemies, like a lost evil brother to a child mafia boss. While Some of them might have issues on the way, nothing can go mentally wrong! (And yes, you can ask the characters questions about their lifes)